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Extraordinary Properties.

Exceptional values.



We sell extraordinary properties.  Price is less of a guide than quality of proposition and location.


It could be an old bach on the waterfront, a homestead on a remote station or a luxurious apartment in the city. Without obligation have a discussion with us as to how we can optimise your proposition, and bring your property to market



The New Zealand wine industry has a target of $2billion of exports by 2020.The on-going progress towards this goal is founded on New Zealand's reputation as a wine exporter of the first rank, crafting and marketing distinctively New Zealand, high quality, high value wines. 

Continuing investment in New Zealand wines’ reputation is a priority for the industry.

This investment is designed both to protect the success achieved to date and to provide a platform for future profitable growth.

We have in-depth knowledge of the New Zealand Winery Market. Talk directly to one of our advisors concerning re-funding, turnaround strategies or the sale of your property. 

Longwood 10_edited.jpg


The warmth of the hosts coupled with opulent touches, bespoke excursions and delectable cuisine make a stay at one of New Zealand’s lodges or retreats a memorable experience. Places where you can disconnect from the world in a remote beachfront villa, alpine lodge or back-country retreat, where the authenticity of the people and the unspoiled beauty of the landscape will refresh and excite you.

Whether you are looking for alpine adventure, an ocean odyssey or a tour for the taste buds, there is outstanding accommodation to match.

As a purchaser or vendor you may have difficulty finding the right client or property for the proposition you have. Consider discussing it with one of our business advisors so your proposition can be optimised before you go to market. 

Riverstone Terraces Development _edited.png


In a continuously changing marketplace we have the understanding, knowledge and experience to achieve your sales potential. 

Working in collaboratively with our clients we offer a service that includes feasibility and strategy studies, brand development, project marketing and sales. 



There are over 1,000 threatened native species in New Zealand, with some of our most threatened animal and plant species depending on private land. QEII National Trust covenants help protect these species for future generations. Land protected BY QEII is still secured even if ownership of the land changes. The protection remains in place forever and cannot be removed for any reason.


The protection in place for each area is unique, as set out in the covenant deed registered on the title to the land. If you are looking at buying protected land you should make yourself aware of any obligations.

We understand this market where the future of the environment is as important as the sale. 

Pikarere Photo 3_edited.png


Purchasers  of rural real estate are  astute investors who demand a high level of detail when considering opportunities. 

We work with rural land  owners throughout the country, matching investment opportunities with both onshore and offshore investors

If it is a lifestyle block  or trophy property, we have both the expertise and clients to help you with your sale. 

(Photo Pikarere station, a small part of which is being subdivided into 5 hectare lots)

Golf Course_edited.jpg


Golf holds a special place in the life of many New Zealanders.

It is the highest club-participation sport in the country with around half a million Kiwis playing the game. A total of 105,000 New Zealanders are affiliated to golf clubs around the country. All up, around 5 million rounds of golf are played annually. Casual golfers form a growing group of participants with over 80,000 now officially registered. 

There are 390 golf clubs in New Zealand which places the country second in the world for the number of course per capita for the population of 4 million.


Talk to us to discuss your options for either purchasing or selling. 



Dive into turquoise water, walk on active volcanoes, drink wine or simply relax in the wilderness.


We have "off market" opportunities for your consideration.

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