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Important information when selling your home.

  • How long will it take to sell my property?
    Currently the average New Zealand home will sell in approximately six weeks and in general we will fine tune the marketing budget to this period. However that said, special or high value properties for which the number of purchasers is limited may take longer, if you are looking for the optimal price. We will discuss this with you and develop appropriate marketing strategy to optimise the available budget.
  • How do you suggest we secure a premium price?
    A combination of various strategies are used achieve a premium price: ​ Presentation: We will discuss with you how to best present your property without going to great expenditure. This could include decluttering, staging, and possibly landscaping. To add value, the property needs to be optimally presented for photography and client visits. We work closely together with some of the best stagers, interior designers and photographers in New Zealand. ​ Marketing: From local to national print media, National international websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, industry magazines, we fine tune your marketing budget to enable you to get the largest amount of exposure in your target market for your budget. We put a strong emphasis on digital media as it is price effective, you can target your audience and results can be measured. ​ Negotiation: ​The people working in our company have negotiation training and experience at dealing with property at the highest level. Be it with a large development or a bach on the beach. We understand our clients and their motives and how to close a deal. ​
  • When is the best / worst time to sell a property?
    The period between the 15th December to the 15th January would be the worst time to put your property on the market due to the fact that many people are more concerned about the Christmas period and their holiday. ​ If your property is affected by the seasons, for instance it has a swimming pool, is beach front or has parklike gardens - summer and early autumn may be the right time to market those types of properties. That said over winter there are generally fewer properties on the market and with that less competition, which could work to your advantage.
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