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Our Services

First and foremost we are here to help you sell your property or to help you purchase another.  To attain the best possible outcome and to optimise the proposition, we can provide the following services through our company or affiliates: 

On and Off Market Sales
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Marketing your property discreetly through a large database of clients that we have available, keeping the property out of the public arena, is a specialist area of our company.

Alternatively, market your property cost-effectively through digital and print media. We ensure that you get the highest possible return on your marketing expenditure.

We also have an exceptional understanding of selling-off-the-plans and developments. We can turn your vision into a sale. 

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OIA Consenting/foreign ownership of land 

If you are purchasing a property as a foreigner, the likelihood is that you will​ have to get the Overseas Investment Office involved.  


It has become much harder for non-New Zealanders to acquire land here. However, there are still possibilities that can be considered, and we have a team of partners who are here to work through the red tape with you. 

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Interior Design
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Interior design maximises the aesthetic appeal of a property to a potential purchaser and at the same time can increase the sale price. Projects can range in scope from styling an empty home, a new build or a development, all the way through to simply adding  accessories to existing furnished properties to lift their appeal.


We have specialists with extensive experience with new builds, modern homes and classic, heritage residences.  Interior schemes are tailored to suit each individual property to secure the best possible result.

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Business Advisory
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Your property may have more value than you are aware of.  Tailored, innovative and comprehensive solutions for specific client business property needs could add a lot of value to your property.  


The main objective of offering business advisory services is to bring more focus to the value proposition. Before going to market let us put you in contact with one of our specialist advisors to discuss your property’s potential with you and have a strategic business plan developed to optimise the proposition.

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Feasibility Studies
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It is often worthwhile to have an analysis of your project done to investigate whether it can be, or is likely to be completed successfully. The analysis should account for factors that affect the project.


For example, economic, technological, legal and scheduling factors will help to determine potential positive and negative outcomes before a considerable amount of time and money is invested.

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Project Management


A project manager with knowledge and experience could take over a project you have developed helping you to save time and, in the long term, money. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints.


It typically consists of five process areas, four phases plus control:


Typical development phases of a building project ​

  • Initiation

  • Planning and design 

  • Construction

  • Monitoring and controlling

  • Completing or closing

​Have a discussion with us on how we can help you.

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Appriasal andValuation
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To get a better understanding of the value of your property have an initial appraisal done. Get a valuation done for your bank or insurance and to give you security and peace of mind. We can offer you both services.


Based on the latest comparable sales in your area, an appraisal should give you a good idea of how much your property might sell for in the current market. However, although an appraisal does give you a strong indication of the property’s current value, often for commercial and legal purposes a registered valuation may be required. 

Full market valuation​

We deliver personalised and accurate independent valuations by local registered valuers in your region.  


You might be buying or selling a property, looking for ways to add more value to your property, transferring your property to a trust, needing insurance, thinking about investment properties, negotiating a lease, or you may need reporting on asset values. Our independent valuers will provide you with peace of mind and confidence on what your property’s value is in today’s market.


Feasibility Study

Make your property development a successful one and avoid costly mistakes by getting a valuation/feasibility report at the initial stages of your development

Current Rental Assessment:

​Planning to rent out a property and want to know your rental expectations? Getting a rental valuation done will provide you with this information.

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Debt and Structured Finance service providing comprehensive financial solutions for investors and developers, capitalising on established relationships with banks, pension funds, life insurance and credit companies, conduits/CMBS entities, and government.


We are connected to service providers who offer creative solutions.

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Independent consultation with an Architect to realise your properties full potential could be well worth considering.

Contemporary forms, rooted in strong consideration for building usage, are underpinned by sound environmentally sustainable building principles and finished with an informed use of materials, elegant and robust detailing.

To be effective, architectural innovation requires diverse expertise and collaboration. A broad range of disciplines need to come together including resource management strategies, model making and digital technologies, landscape architecture, sustainable design initiatives, urban planning and interior design. Each project comes from selecting individual talents to create the right ‘super team’ for particular projects.

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Before going to market make sure you understand the full potential of your property.  Talking to a qualified surveyor will give you a realistic picture of both the opportunities and threats to consider including the examples below.

  • Risk and hazard evaluation

  • Development due diligence & block valuation

  • Resource Consents

  • Building Act and land determination issues

  • Subdivision of land

  • Land title and cadastral issues

  • Subdivision Design

  • Cadastral Surveys


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We can recommend first class property law advice through our partner firms.
Conveyancing is the name used for the process of transferring property from one party to the other. The process in New Zealand is very efficient and usually involves a lawyer or a real estate agent putting together an Agreement for Sale and Purchase. The purchaser's bank, the Council, the body corporate (if it is a unit title), insurance, are all tied together by way of undertakings between solicitors, and registration of the property into the purchaser's name on Land Online. 

Many clients are creating wealth through property. Legal advice in this field is something to seriously consider. Our conveyancing partners can work with you by offering advice on entity options, body corporate matters, structuring advice, OIA Consenting and more. 

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Photography -Video


We provide first class architectural photography services provided by award-wining photographers. 

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We provide first class staging services by people with interior design backgrounds from affiliate companies. 

Packages are customised to suit your property. Whether it's a luxury home, classic character villa or a new modern apartment, we can provide a wide range of furniture and accessories to suit the style of your home.

A standard package includes the following:

  • free onsite consultation and quote;

  • full design service, styling and installation completed by an experienced interior designer;

  • Furniture and dressing for the entrance, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and outdoor areas.

Furniture and soft furnishings used are all top quality to show to best advantage a highly desirable property to sell. 

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Development Sales


With an exceptional understanding of selling-off-the-plans and developments we can turn your vision into a sale.  


We can help with feasibility studies, through to the complete sales and marketing process.


Having a licensed sales person involved with sales gives your investment extra security and allows you to better manage your sales expenditure. 

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It takes superior market insight to choose consistently the right property in the right place, at the right time.  That sort of knowledge can involve months, even years, of careful research. It takes hands-on experience, plenty of time and established networks to find properties that match often sophisticated requirements.


Our unique blend of skills allows us to offer a true end-to-end solution resulting in optimal acquisitions.

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Buyers Agent
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Marketing in Real Estate is not a one-size-fits-all. It takes specialist knowledge to position your property and use your budget effectively. Our company is moving more towards digital media which is much more targeted, enabling results to be measured and allowing for more effective use of your budget.  Furthermore, we have an extremely good understanding of marketing specialist properties such as wineries or developments.  Feel free to contact us to find out what we can do for you. 

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By hiring one of our consultants, you will have access to deeper levels of expertise. You can control your expenditures by purchasing only the exact pre-defined services you desire.

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