Extraordinary Properties, Exceptional Values.

We bring the most desired real estate  to the most discerning property buyers. As a boutique agency  we specialise in selling extraordinary properties in a discreet manner throughout New Zealand. PQ Property Intelligence is an  exclusive member of Forbes Global Properties in New Zealand. The company provides purchasers and vendors with local knowledge and international capability, whilst  offering a a full service package from acquisition through to settlement.  Our proposition is that we can often add value to a property before it goes to market,  which could result  in both a higher price for the client and  a shorter duration of the actual sales proces

We bring vitality  and a fresh perspective and think outside of the square.   With extraordinary properties,  a specialist skill set is often required to maximise the value. The properties are often complex  and involve substantial analysis  and in many cases the proposition requires optimisation before it can be brought to market, for the vendor to get the best possible return.

When  required, we supplement our core services by collaborating with selected companies with which we have established close working relationships  to provide the complete spectrum of property services when required.

For each project  if required we will create a small, specialist team that works with you throughout your project.

We value our relationships. We treat all  our clients, large and small, with the same care and respect. .